Unusual stables and horse barns

Ever wanted a dream stable that was 10 steps above the average horse owners budget? Well you can dream here. Listed below, in photos, are some of the most unusual and beautiful horse barns in the world.


Above is a barn built by Boyd Brothers. More barns appear on their website. They are in Texas.

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Stables in Mexico

mexico stables

Anheuser-Busch stables (photo below). Notice how they are still using the straight stalls method of stabling rather than a more modern box stall. Yes, box stalls are a recent innovation for the horse barn. Straight stalls took up much less room and since horses were used almost everyday for transport the horses were not left in the straight stalls for days on end like many horses in boarding stables (in box stalls)  tolerate nowadays.

bush stables

I once knew of a stable in Northern California that had no auto waterers or buckets of water in the stalls. Instead of supplying an on demand source of water for the horses, personal grooms would take the horses out of their stalls several times a day and lead them to a beautiful indoor fountain where the horses would drink their fill.  Very high class but is it practical? I know that 2 of my horses would have refused to eat because they are the type that require water available to them during their meal time.

Now for some more photos………..

The Royal Stables in Qatar
The Royal Stables in Qatar

More royal stables

Royal stables at Christianborg in Copenhagen
Royal stables at Christianborg in Copenhagen


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