The horse crazy mom

I have loved horses since my dad first put me on one at the age of 3. Of course the fact that he grew up around them and was a jockey at one point in his life did not affect that out come……..yea right. So of course I ended up owning horses as an adult. When it came time to start a family, you know that this horse crazy lady would decorate the baby’s room with a horse theme. I choose unicorns because at that time they were easy to find for baby’s rooms. Yes the color pink with white unicorns all over the room.

We moved from that house when my daughter was 5 and the next house had the unicorns moved to the main bathroom. You should have seen the look on many a guest when they came out of the bathroom and announced to whom ever would listen……”they have unicorns in the bathroom!”

Nowadays it seems that cowboys and western themes are more common for baby’s rooms. For example, I found this charming baby’s room for the budding little rider

Now my little rider has grown up and her room has a modern look to it. No horses or unicorns in sight. Her Breyer horses are now in a box and she has given them back to me. I little bit a sadness from a horse crazy mom.


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