Tack and leather care


Watch the video below for how to clean mold from leather

Secondary to the physical care of our horses is care of their tack and equipment. This of course includes leather care unless you have nylon or other man-made materials for tack. If you live in a damp environment, even part time of the year, you will be dealing with the prevention or removal of mold from leather.

Removing mold from leather is an easy enough task. Preventing mold from coming back on leather is just a tad harder. I should know, since I had been fighting mold every year until a few years ago. I tried everything to keep the mold from coming back. Nothing worked until someone mentioned a product on Facebook. I thought what the heck, I have tried everything else so I’ll try that too. I recently found this video on YouTube which shows almost the same steps I take when removing mold and they actually use the same product for prevention.

The video shows all the steps from how to clean the leather to what to put on it to prevent the mold from coming back. Like I said before, I tried all kinds of products to prevent mold and none of them worked until I tried the one used in the video. I bought mine on eBay. The stuff really works!!

About 50% of my tack is now nylon and the care of that is incredibly easy. Just use soap and water. I have driving harnesses that are made from a combination of vinyl and nylon. They are really low maintenance when it comes to care.

To keep down the maintenance time of caring for tack, wipe down the tack immediately after use and store it covered to prevent dust and dirt from getting on it.


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