Interesting ways to clean a stall, manually and robotically

I do some of my most deep thinking when I am cleaning out my horses stalls. I find that I can come up with some of the most ingenious ideas during my stall cleaning sessions. This time I was wondering what kinds of inventions have people come up with to clean stalls. That got my mind churning, are there any videos of those inventions? So I started looking and here is what I found.

First up is a simple invention that may or may not make cleaning the stalls easier (frankly, I can clean my stalls faster without it). Here is the stall cleaner called “The Shaker”

Then I discovered this amazing video showing a piece of equipment that I wish that I had, with all the attachments shown. They are available in Europe and all I have is a tractor which is too big for some of the stuff they have this thing go in.

This next machine is a bit too big to get through a regular stall door but if you have to scrape a feedlot or a paddock, this would work. A regular tractor with a front loader would do the same job. The video is worth the look.

Then there is the “stall butler”, which really looks like it takes more time to set it up and toss poop into it. Take a look and see.

Lastly, here is a industrial vacuum cleaner for barns.


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