Horse Agility

I am sure you are familiar with dog agility with dogs running through an obstacle course guided by their handler. but did you know that the horse version of that sport is now becoming very popular?

Horse agility is also known as “liberty training” but do not confuse that with liberty classes that are held in horse shows. Liberty class is one where the horse is set free in an arena and then, at liberty, is allowed to run and frolic to music. The horse is judged by activity, movement to the music and how entertaining the horse and music combination is. Liberty classes are common at Arabian horse shows and often there are large cash prizes for the winner.

The Horse Agility Handbook: A Step-By-Step Introduction to the Sport

Horse agility is very much like the dog agility competitions. Horses jump, push or maneuver through a much larger course, all guided by a handler.

Horse agility is not limited to horse shows and competitions, it is also used to enhance the horse’s training. This type of training is also very valuable for horses who cannot be ridden, either through size, in the case of miniature horses or horses with health issues that can no longer bear the weight of a rider.

Horse Agility video

This fascinating sport looks like it will be gaining more and more fans as it becomes more common to see these competitions.


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