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Red Trail by Lake

I have had the opportunity to work with horses as career. I was a professional riding instructor for 5 years. Working with my own string of lesson horses and mostly young and very young riders, I had a blast. There were certain aspects of the job that I learned that I disliked and changed it. The one thing I learned to dislike was standing in the middle of an arena and giving instructions to the rider. It was hard on my legs and doing it day in and day out took its toll. I found a way around it……….I rode with my students. I learned that riding next to them I could better demonstrate what movements I need them to do with the horse. Of course going out on trail rides with them was as much fun for me as it was for them. It was then that I realized that trail riding was my passion.

on the trail

I have done many aspects of horse ownership. I have shown horses, done team penning and even have 2 horses that pull carts. At one time I even toyed with the idea of doing weddings with my horse and buggy. But my ideal horse career would be a trail guide in some place with fantastic scenery.

Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail

I love local history and talking about legends and folklore. What better than combine the two. horses and history out on the trail.

Horseback in Utah

Since I was a riding instructor,  I know all about what insurance coverage I would need. I would prefer that the people would provide their own horses for the ride or that I would work for a place that provided the trail horses and I would ride my own horse. I think that other horse owners would enjoy going on a guided riding tour of an area close to them. Some riders often don’t have someone to ride with out on trails with and I could fill that need.

Horse Trails: The Traveler’s Guide to Great Riding Getaways (Coast to Coast)

dude ride

Yes, I would love to do that as a career choice – a trail guide, wouldn’t you?


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