Budweiser Clydesdale team favorite Christmas commercials

Christmas time not only brings out the warm horse blankets in our barn but more time in front of the TV in the main house. That subjects me to a parade of commercials that are mostly boring or a slew of infomercials that hawk almost useless items (at least they are to me). Of course there are a few creative commercials that for every horse lover are worth watching again and again. They are the Clydesdales of the famous Budweiser team.

Here are a few of my favorite ones.

From 2005, the snowball fight

This one is not a commercial but a yule log video from Budweiser that is almost an hour long that show a dalmatian and horse in front of the fire. Pop that video on your TV Christmas day.

Here is an oldie from 1981.

Another oldie, this time from 1986.

From 2005, the Christmas kiss.

I have noticed that through the years, Budweiser has gone from serious to humor when it comes to their horse commercials and I love it that way.

I did not include any Superbowl ads since they typically do not have Christmas theme in them.

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