Artful body clipping

Us horse owners are well aware of body clipping our horses during the winter to allow the horse to be cooled down after being worked. But how many of us thought about being artistic when it comes to body clipping.  About 20 years ago I remember seeing “for sale” clipped into the side of a woolly horse that was at a local horse show. At the time I thought it was tacky but who knows, the owner may have sold the horse with that tactic.

Recently a black Friesian with a body clip has been showing up all over Facebook. Here is that photo:

I tried to find out more about this horse to see if it was an actual body clip or a photoshop job. Here is the only place not on Facebook, that I found the horse.

UPDATE – Just got an email from the owner of the above horse, Chenoa Haluptzok and she tells me that she did the clip for Christmas photos. Thanks Chenoa for giving me that update.

Clipping Your Horse A Stress Free Experience Lynn Palm DVD

In my quest for other fancy clips, I found out these:

The one above is found on the same page as the Friesian

Oster Professional Freestyle Cordless Clipper for horses

Here are a few others


All of those clips can be done either freehand or with a stencil – yes they do sell clipping stencils for the job. The biggest challenge is getting your horse to stand still for the long periods that doing this type of clipping will require.



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