The Abetta buddy seat by Saddle King review

The Abetta buddy seat is something that I can highly recommend since I have owned and used one for about 3 years. My daughter was the one who sat in it on some long (4+ hour) trail rides. She started to go with me on trail rides when she was just 4 years old riding in the Abetta Buddy Seat.

My daughter really loved to come with me on those trail rides. She finally outgrew the Buddy seat and rode her own pony on trail rides with me.

The Buddy seat was a great investment for me since I had bought it when it cost only $65. When is came time to sell it. the price of a new Buddy seat increased enough that I could re-sell mine and recoup much of the original price. The Buddy seat retains their value.

There are a few things you should know before you go on that first trail ride with your little one in the Buddy seat.

  • The Buddy seat is made of a nylon outer cover and nylon does make a rubbing noise. Get your horse use to that noise long before the trail ride.
  • Since the seat extends over part of the rump of the horse you should use an extended saddle pad so that the horse is more comfortable. I used an unfolded Navajo like this one (pick one that measures at least 30″ X 60″) under my regular saddle pad.

Don’t forget that just like all new equipment that you use on your horse, practice with it first and make sure your horse is comfortable with it before you put your little one in it. Then you will need to practice with your child riding behind you for longer than 30 minutes at a time before you try those trails.

Here is a list of what I recommend you use with your Buddy seat

Wool Sierra Saddle Blanket


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