Winter riding and your comfort

The days around my house and stables are getting shorter and colder. We have had the first few hard freezes overnight and rain almost everyday now. I like it the rain for the green pastures it creates but for the mud and the cold I could do without, thank you. That brings me to keeping warm around the barn and even going from the house to the barn when the horses are kept in for the day. Winter gloves and boots that are made for being around horses is what I wear. Not the flimsy general types that are found at the big box stores, because they won’t hold up for more than a few days worth of wear. Here are my suggestions.


One of my favorite brands of riding boots for the winter is by Mountain Horse.
They are warm and the big plus for me is that they have wide calves which is often hard to find in an English type of boot. They do have a tread on the bottom which makes them better for walking than riding but if you have over sized stirrups they would be fine. The zipper runs up the back of the boot like normal English riding boots. In fact, English style fashion boots you buy in the regular stores have the zipper on the inside of the calf which makes them very uncomfortable for riding in.

Of course you can’t beat the famous Muck boot and they make some great winter boots.


For gloves, I like the type that does not attract dirt or hay. Nothing worse than just feeding in the winter and having hay stick to everything when you are done. I also want them thick enough to keep out the wind and repel water. Here are a few of my choices:

Hetto Outdoor sports gloves
They have the added feature of leaving them on and using a touch screen phone if you need to.

Noble Outfitters Hay Bucker Pro Glove
These gloves are for those winter chores. Heavy duty and made for bucking hay.

Happy winter riding and if you love riding in the snow – here is your season.


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