Why do rich fancy homes have terrible horse stables?

The Royal Stables in Qatar
What I would expect to see on a rich horse property

Several years ago I knew a woman whos husband was a very wealthy land developer. They had just built a custom Victorian home on 40 acres and had a large cattle ranch in the hills. Their daughter had her own maid and a new swimming pool was just being installed.

So why was their horse facilities 2 lean-tos and a mud surrounded arena? I fully expected to see a top notch barn with all the amenities that their home had, like running water and electricity. No, she had an outdoor faucet and one outdoor light on a pole above the area where she parked the horse trailer.

What I suspected is the fact that her husband did not like the fact that she was involved with horses at all and was hoping she would give them up. She had 2 very well bred warmblood mares that people wanted a foal out of, but her husband didn’t want her to breed the mares at all, he had forbidden her to do so.

That may have been one reason for the pitiful sheds that some people like to refer to “horse facilities” but that is not my idea of them at all. I have even noticed that realtor.com doesn’t even list many properties with horse barns. to locate them you have to go to specialized websites.

So good luck finding an equestrian estate with the barn just as nice as the house.

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