The history of the white war horse

The Lipizzaner horse use to be a war horse before becoming known as a high performance dressage horse. That should not be news to the lovers of the breed. For those of you who are not aware of the rich history of this breed here is a video from Nature titled “Legendary White Stallions”

The many airs above the ground that these horses are taught and demonstrate in their shows, were originally combat maneuvers. They were designed to remove another rider from their horse or to intimidate soldiers on the ground. There were 2 stud farms that produced and developed the breed in the 16th century. One stud farm concentrated on riding horses for the nobility and the military. The other stud farm developed the larger type of horse for drawing carriages.

The Lipizzaner was not around during the times of riders wearing armor in battles but for the light cavalry of the 1600’s to 1800’s. The breed is not developed from the draft horses but the light weight Arabs, Andalusian and Spanish Barb horse breeds.

The breed is no longer used for war or as treasured mounts for Kings and Counts, but is found around the world as pets, show horses, in movies and even trail horses, Where they do shine is as dressage horses.


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