The cruelty of the Palio Horse Race in Italy


The Palio horse race is run in July and August of each year. Each year horses are either badly injured or killed. Since 1970 there have been 50+ horses killed running these dangerous races.

Here is a video showing one of the races in August 2012. About the 1:18 point in the video you will see the first injured horse. The first group wipe out is 30 second mark but you can’t see the horses very well. The video is not the best quality but you get the idea of how fast these horses are pushed. The jockeys ride without saddles and you have ever ridden without a saddle and started to fall off you might pull the horse down with you by the reins. After the race is over it is nothing but a human sea.

The next video shows the race in a more graphic light……… be warned.

Even horse protection groups in Italy are trying to end this barbaric horse race. The footing is terrible, the slope of the course encourages accidents and deaths.

To find out more about the race here is the wiki page with lots of detail on the history.


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