Songs about horses

Horses are something to sing about. So how many modern songs are about horses? There are more thank you think. I have not only have a list but have embedded the songs in the post so you can listen to each one of them. Let’s get started.

The first song that came to my mind was Emmy Lou Harris singing “Born to Run”, a song she wrote performed for the Kentucky Derby.

Another song dedicated to the Kentucky Derby is by Dan Fogelberg called “Run for the Roses”, The video below includes a short intro to the song by Dan himself and why he wrote the song.

Now a few tunes that were dedicated to individual horses both fictional and historical.

The song “Wildfire” became a hit in the 1970’s. It is about a girl and her horse name ‘Wildfire” sung by Michael Martin Murphey

Now one song that I do like is “Silver Stallion’ by the Highway Men, but alas, if you listen closely to the words you will realize that the stallion changes from a horse to something else – a motorcycle, the one eyed jackal. The video shows this.

The one song about a real horse is “Comanche, the brave horse” sung by Johnny Horton.  It is a ballad about the only surviving member of the US Army after the battle of the Little Big Horn.


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