Minecraft adds horses to the game

I love horses and when horses are featured in video games I have to check it out. Unfortunately the more I see of horses in video games, the more I realize that a programmer who knows very little about horses is doing the creating. That brings me to the game Minecraft . Minecraft has never been known for their graphics, since articles and characters are built from blocks. So when I found out that they were adding horses to the game I wondered why.

minecraft horses

It seems that to enable players to travel faster and take their stuff with them, they need a horse. Thus enters the opportunity to capture and tame your own horse in the game. Getting bucked off seems to be the way they think horses are tamed, along with offering treats. Once the horse is tamed and saddled you will need to feed it. Some idiot decided that feeding bread to a horse was good, that nut job has never heard of colic. Hay is on the list but so is apples, sugar, bread and wheat. If you want to breed your horse to get more horses you just feed them a golden apple. Yep husbandry and science just got thrown out the window.

I know, it is just a game, but come on people use some reality when creating the program. I am sure that they know more about the other animals in the game (yep there are dogs) than they bothered to find out about horses.

You can read more about the horses and how they work in this Minecraft wiki


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