Make your horses blankets water repellent again

Has your horse’s turnout blanket gone from being water proof to a just plain sponge? Want to get it back to being water repellent again? I know I did for my turnout blankets.

Over time the blankets just get less and less water proof or repellent. I have used Scotch spray for tents and outdoor equipment hoping that it would do the trick. The problem I had is that the spray was an aerosol and the can did not have enough chemical in it to cover the area I wanted without buying up the entire shelf at the store.

I needed something that I could also spray on a wet blanket. I then found the horse owners dream, it is called  Nikwax TX Direct Spray-on Fabric Water Repellent  and works great.

My husband has even used the spray on his golf shoes to keep his feet dry from walking the course in the wet grass. I have not tried the spray on my riding boots yet but I might.

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