List of celebrity horse owners

How often have you wondered if those celebrities that ride on screen or in a video are horse owners themselves or just playing a part for the movie? Some are true horse lovers and horse owners while others have admitted to being terrified of the beasts.

Below is a list of what I have discovered to be true horse owning celebrities. If their name is in blue just click on it to take you to a post on them and their horses. Some of the links are to outside web pages. As I find out more about them, I will write a blog post about them. I have included several celebrities who are no longer with us but they were well known horse owners. I will be adding more to the list as I find more.

Elvis Presley
Patrick Duffy
Bo Derek
Dean Martin
Viggo Mortensen
William Shatner
Patrick Stewart
Johnny Depp
Juice Newton
Patrick Swayze
Rutger Hauer
Richard Gere
Robert Redford
Kevin Costner
Stefanie Powers
Nicole Kidman
Shania Twain

There is also a great photo book out that puts 30 horse owning celebrities in the spotlight. It has photos of them, their horses and their fabulous stables. The book is called People We Know, Horses They Love Here is a link to a video about the book which has some personal stories about making the book. Celebrities and their horses.


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