Kingdom of Horses, Twitter and Celebrities

If you didn’t already know, Kingdom of Horses has a Twitter account. I bet you didn’t know the fact that horse owning celebrities on Twitter actually interact with me on Twitter. Just for fun I will embed 2 of the conversations that I have had on Twitter with real verified celebrity accounts. Of course the conversations are about horses, what else would we talk about?

Conversation with Patrick Duffy

Pat Duffy conversation

Conversation with Cher cher conversation

Most of the real interactions I have enjoyed on Twitter is from just regular horse people like you. I do follow many celebrities that are horse owners but they never, or almost never send out a tweet about themselves interacting with there horses, except one of them, Russell Crowe who rides regular and tweets about it.

One famous celebrity, William Shatner, was very active with horses and even rode one of his own in one of the Star Trek movies. All he seems to tweet about is food and promoting an app or a book that he wrote. Not one word about his horses.

I would love for you to come on over and follow Kingdom of Horses on Twitter, see you on Twitter.


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