Kingdom of Horses is now offering horse t-shirts

Purple horse gesture drawing on t-shirt
Purple horse gesture drawing on t-shirt

If you have not noticed by now, Kingdom of Horses now has a Zazzle store where you can buy all kinds of items with my original designs on them.

Ever since I was about 5 years old I would draw horses. I was not interested in drawing any other animal. It was a passion for me to draw horses throughout my childhood. I also dabbled in oil painting and painting on fabric. Then for some odd reason, I stopped.

I don’t remember why I stopped drawing but it was just about the time I graduated from high school. My passion had died. Maybe my hopes and dreams of one day owning a horse had died then too.  Thankfully that hope did come back.

It was not until I got married that my hopes and dreams of one day owning a horse came to reality. But I still did not draw them as I once did. It was my own daughter who has helped rekindle that passion – a passion for art.

She gave me her old Bamboo pen tablet and a software program that does vector based graphics. Her instructions were “just practice and let go” and I did. The first result of that is pictured above, the purple horse with a blue and green mane. I was so proud of myself. I am so thankful to her for rekindling my love of the art of horses.

I also have a warped sense of humor when it comes to the horse world, so I have a few humorous t-shirts in the store as well such as this one:

stall cleaner t-shirt

You can find it at this link. I do have a few others in my humor section of the store.16


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