Horse rescue in Cairo, Egypt

Horses seem to have it bad all over the world. I have heard of horse rescues, both private and public groups in the USA, UK and Australia but when I found one in Cairo I now know the horses in those other countries have a good chance of survival.

The horse rescue in Cairo has possibly the worst cases of animal neglect and abuse I have ever seen. Most of the horses seem to be the result of being used until they literally drop. The rescue has a Facebook page with plenty of photos. The Facebook page is called Prince Fluffy Kareem.  There is also a website, you can find it here.

Above is one of their rescues and you can find out more about Marzuq and over 30 more photos documenting the condition this horse was found in, at this link.

Most of the horses that they have rescued had huge open saddle sores and are extremely thin. If you go to the links I have provided, please be warned that they are very graphic.


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