Horse owners that are not cut out to be horse owners

I have decided to share some of the numerous true tales of my years boarding my horses. You can find them here.

I think we have all met someone that was/is a horse owner but is not cut out to be a horse owner. You see it takes a special personality to handle a horse and not everyone has it. One particular woman sticks out in my memory as someone who should have never gotten involved in horses in the first place.

This woman, I’ll call her Karen because I can’t remember her name, had one horse. She would visit the horse every weekend and maybe once or twice during the week. I would never see her take her horse out of the stall during the week but she would occasionally ride on the weekend, that is, if the horse was cooperating with her. You see Karen was always complaining that her horse wouldn’t do this or that or was “acting up”.

There were 2 trainers at the barn and neither one of them found a problem with the horse, it was agreed it was the rider. But Karen refused to have a riding lesson. She wanted the trainers to ride the horse then hand the reins over to her and let her ride.

It wasn’t just riding that Karen would complain about her horse, it was other items like grooming issues or coming out to see the horse during a rain storm. I was one of her many sounding boards at the barn. I think we all heard her complaints. One day I just gave up and asked her point blank why she even owned a horse in the first place if all she had was problems with it? She said she loved the horse and would never even think about selling it. Several months later she left the boarding stable and no one knew if she did in fact sell her horse or just moved the horse to another place.


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