Horse breed – the Fell

This wonderful horse breed originated in the British Isles. The Fell is actually a pony breed with the maximum height of 14 hands. Fell ponies over that height are disbarred from the registry.

The registry (and I am talking about the one in Britain) only allows certain colors of the Fell to be registered. Piebalds and skewbalds (pintos to us in the USA) are not allowed as are ponies with excessive white markings. The registry was founded not on the goal to improve the breed but to preserve it. After all, the Fell has been around since the Roman days.

One thing that the registry highly disapproves of is that some people have referred to the Fell as a “mini Friesian”, here is a quote from their website on the matter – “The Fell Pony Society has recently been made aware, by FPS members in England, Europe and USA, of advertisements containing the term “Mini Friesian” with reference to Fell ponies. Our Overseas Branches also tell us that they have to correct the use of this term on a regular basis, when exhibiting Fell ponies to the general public. “To make such comparisons deliberately in any advertisement is misleading both about the Fell pony and about any other breed that is compared to it. The Fell Pony Society wishes to state that it strongly disapproves of the use of comparisons with other breeds to describe, promote or advertise the Fell. A Fell pony is a Fell pony, a strong, hardy, versatile, purebred English working pony, who should not be described as a mini version of any other breed.”

For some more information on the breed, this beautifully filmed video might interest you:


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