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Free and almost free stuff for your horse


This page is updated with links to free stuff for your horse or barn. Coupon codes are also listed so you can save money on that next equine supply or tack item. If you have pets (other than horses of course) try the freebies and coupon page at All the Creatures.


Fancy horse jigsaw puzzle game for your Android

The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild & Vicious Horses This book is NOT a how-to book on training today’s horses. It was written in 1856 and is purely historical antidote. I recommend it a reading fodder for those who like to delve into the history of the horse.

My First Horse!, a great free app for your Android device.

Arabian horse guide book from the Arabian Horse Registry. Just fill out the form and short survey to get the book.

More freebie stuff coming in the next few days, please check back often.

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