Beware the free horse classified ad

You have seen them, those online classified ads on Dreamhorse or Craigslist that are advertising a “free horse.” Many of them are people that just fell on bad times and need to find a good home for a horse and found out that for some odd reason their for sale ad was not working and the horse needs to go NOW. Then there are those other ads, which you will need to steer clear of. I have a few of them below, taken straight off of Dreamhorse  – minus the photos and contact information, if any, with my comments added in red and underlined.

First up here is a recent ad from Dreamhorse for a Dutch Warmblood:

We have a 15 hand, bay, 8 year old Dutch Warmblood out of our stallion ad should say by our stallion. She is not broke, unbroke at age 8, first red flag and human shy shy, should we say spooky? only because she has not been around us or handled very much another way to say it would be she is pretty wild. She is very nice, but doesn’t have much experience. No health issues, is sound. She has great movement, and would make a lovely dressage, or jumping horse. Her personality is a bit on the hot side, they can’t handle her definitely needs an experienced trainer with a full health insurance plan to start her, she is high energy  she does jump but out of her stall or paddock. We simply don’t have the funds she keeps recking things or time to give her adequate care and attention. She would make a great project horse for someone with lots of money to spend on trainers. Free to a good home. Give me a call — — —- Thanks

Now that mare would make an excellent high performance eventing horse due to her high energy. What the ad fails to mention is the name of their stallion. These people either wanted a nice calm trail horse and found out that high energy sport horses were not what they wanted so left this mare out in pasture for 8 years because they were scared of her. Or they a not telling the whole truth why she could not be sold, maybe not a Dutch Warmblood at all.

Ok, now on to the next ad.  This one is for an Arabian gelding.

This fantastic moving son of APALADIN++ is Breeders Sweepstakes nominated, and he will definitely clean up in the show ring. Simons is out of a BA Bey Elation daughter (Huckleberry Bey, Bey El Bay, Bay-Abi, Traditio, Gdansk, Bask+, Raffon). Apaladin++ (AA Apollo Bey, Huckleberry Bey, El Magato, El Gato) is a top English Pleasure sire. Simon has an incredible upright build, has great reach and elevation in his stride and has hock movement to envy. He has been started under saddle, only ridden a couple times, but he is a fast learner and very willing. He’s 14.1 now as a late 3 year old, (won’t be 4 until august). Check out our website for pictures and a video link. Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated. There is nothing “wrong” with Simon, we just don’t have the time or resources to have him started this year and don’t want to leave him for another year. We are having some of our other youngsters started, so if you’re looking for something specific check out our website!! So why was this horse listed as free?? Checked out their website and found an asking price of $1050.00 for the gelding.

One more, this ad is for a huge draft mare.

18h Draft Cross Mare. 11 years old. Big boned. She is built as though she is all Draft. Would make a nice trail horse or could be used as a broodmare. Sound and has no vices. Not broke. Needs ground work 11 years old and no handling!! probably can only get a halter on the horse, good luck with trying to trailer her home. FREE to approved home. No dealers. No horse traders. References required. No exceptions.

The first ad and the last one also bring up a very good point. If the horse has had very little handling, how in the heck are you going to get them into a horse trailer to get them home? Then there is the prospect of injuries during the trip or unloading the horse at the end of the trip.


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