Advertising guidelines

Kingdom of Horses advertising rates and guidelines

All advertising must be horse related with the exception of the following horse industries or products, which will NOT be considered at all:

  • Horse racing or betting websites or books if they are about the gambling aspect of the sport.
  • Products made from the bodies of horses such as horse meat, horse hair or horse hides.

The following types of advertising is accepted

  • Banners in the sidebar
  • Block at the end of all posts (normally occupied by the Google Adsense ad)
  • Product or service reviews – the post containing the review will be plainly marked as a “sponsored post” and will add that “Kingdom of Horses does not endorse this product or service” ALL LINKS IN THE REVIEW WILL BE “NO FOLLOW”

Types of advertising NOT accepted

  •  Paid linking, where a link is bought to increase PageRank of the targeting website and the link in the post is directed to a non-horse related website.

Banners in the sidebar – $1 a day with a minimum purchase of 20 days
Block at the end of all posts – $2 a day with a minimum purchase of 10 days
Product or service review posts, written by the advertiser – $75 (remains on the website for 6 months minimum) all links are “no follow.” If written by one of Kingdom of Horses’ authors then add $100 to the price.

Revised 1/1/2017

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