Kingdom of Horses has been around for 10+ years in various different designs of websites. In the beginning it was a hobby/personal website devoted to everything about horses. Soon a classified section and a forum was added. Neither grew very much due to far too many other horse websites doing the same thing. They were both abandoned and other facets of the horse world were covered. The website had a news section with news videos of horses in the news. Horses in history was a big favorite with lots of visitors.

In November 2012 a decision was made to change the format of the website from a stagnate website into a more dynamic blog type presence. This has the big advantage of being able to cover a small facet of the world of horses in a blog type post rather than trying to cover everything on a large page and risk it not being read. At the same time I, the editor and webmaster decided to let someone else do the daily writing of the blog posts while I took a more behind the scenes roll. When I do find the time I still write a post now and again.

One author was added right away and that was Kelly. It was her idea of changing the format of the website.  About a month later, JanS came aboard with her writing style and vast hands on knowledge of horses. She is also the blog owner of All the Creatures and comes with plenty of years of blog owning experience.  Both of them are personal friends that I knew from when I first became a horse owner, many years ago.  I will continue to monitor the back end of the blog, handle promoting it and the technical aspects of it.

There are no plans to add new authors or contributors in the near future.


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