5 great gifts for horse owners under $20

Christmas shopping does not have to be hard if you are shopping for  gift for a horse owner. As a horse owner, here is a list of 10 gifts I would love to have and they all are under $20.

All About Riding Side Saddle: An Allen Photographic Guide
I love books and love learning new aspects of horse handing and riding. Even though I do not ride sidesaddle, I would love to learn more about it. The book is listed under $11 on Amazon.

The above pic is of a Horse Shelf Leaner and would make a cute addition to any room or even down at the barn. Priced under $15.

If the recipient of the gift lives in a cold climate then a good pair of waterproof, warm Gloves would be a very welcome gift. Get them a box of the hand warmers mentioned in the stocking stuffer list below and you can’t go wrong with that gift.

How about something free? I found this 43 page download from Amazon – The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild & Vicious Horses. I must admit I am intrigued by it. Heck its free so I am adding it to the list.

A horse owner will also appreciate the gift of your time. Offer to take care of a chore, babysit or run an errand to give the horse owner a few hours to take care of their horse or go for a ride.

Stocking stuffers:

  • Bag of carrots or apples
  • Hand Warmers to go inside a pair of gloves for those cold mornings at the barn (they are under $1)
  • Vetrap , a person can never have too many rolls of that stuff. Vetrap normally sells for under $2 a roll and make great stocking stuffers.
  • Gift cards to the local feed store are very welcome as well

Christmas Holiday Horses Coffee Mug

Christmas Holiday Horses Ceramic Tile

Christmas With Rodger T-shirt

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